Battery charge protection system

Battery charge protection system



A system comprises a battery including one or more cells, an energy source, a load, and a battery protection circuit coupled to the battery, the energy source and the load. The circuit determines if the charge of each cell is at/above a predetermined, band gap supplied threshold voltage, which results in disconnecting of the battery from the energy source. The circuit also may determine if the charge of any cell is at/below a second predetermined level, which may result in disconnecting of the battery from the load. The circuit may be radiation-hardened (e.g., via redundancy), through the use of two sets of field effect transistors, two logic gates, two groups of comparator circuits, and two relays. The circuit provides multiply redundant protection comprising: redundantly assessing the overvoltage determination; redundantly triggering battery isolation; and preventing inadvertent isolation and non-charging, occurring absent overvoltage, through redundant first and second relays.

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