Computer controlled laser therapy treatment table

Computer controlled laser therapy treatment table



A multi-function, adjustable chiropractic table comprises a body section fixed to a table frame. A cervical section is pivotally attached to the table frame and securable at a desired angle. The cervical section comprises a padded head support, forehead strap, and neck bolsters. The head support is slidably mounted in a tray and translatable therein using a scissors mechanism, for linear axial traction. Pivotally mounting the tray to the cervical section permits lateral traction. A four-bar linkage, including a base frame, permits raising/lowering of the table using an actuator activated by a foot triggered wave switch comprising proximity sensors. The body section comprises a chest, lumbar, and leg sections. The chest section is replaceable with a treatment module comprising hot and cold compresses, or a laser enhanced spinal decompression therapy apparatus comprising a laser driven by two linear actuators to emit light according to one or more treatment protocols.

  • Mark Jagger

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