Security and public safety application for a mobile device

Security and public safety application for a mobile device



In a plurality of described embodiments, various modules of an application for a client device may operate to enhance personal security for an individual user, as well as public safety in general. A Blue-Phone-in-Pocket (bPip) module operates comparable to, but more effectively than, the traditional college campus blue light phone. When the user of the module toggles a button on the GUI of his/her smartphone, the App may instantly record and transmit key information to a command center, which operates to provide assistance to the student, at their current location, without requiring the student to relocate to one of the tradition blue light phone fixtures. A tracking module permits the student or other user to be tracked by his/her device until safely reaching a travel destination. The person may trigger an alarm if endangered during the trip, which may prompt a respond from local law enforcement, and other assigned individuals.


  • Dan Kerning

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